Opening Night at the

Metropolitan Museum's

"Visitors to Versailles"

April 9, 2018

The grand staircase

The Metropolitan Museum's grand staircase was illuminated with the image of a carpet from Versailles

Dressing for court

The dress in which Madame Oberkampf was presented to Marie Antoinette is displayed in the first gallery - "Dressing for Court."


Oh la la! Madame's Oberkampf's dress is displayed next to a coat worn by Count Axel de Fersen - Marie Antoinette's "intimate friend."

The TDJIF Board

The Toile de Jouy International Foundation's board - Sylvia Brown, Jill Lasersohn, Gonzague de Luze.

Grandma's dress

Sylvia Brown and Gonzague de Luze stand in front of their ancestor's dress.

Keeping good company!

Jill Lasersohn and Sylvia Brown with Jonquil O'Reiller, Vice President and Head of Sales of Old Master Paintings at Christie's and Melinda Watt, Curator of European Textiles and Supervising Curator of the Ratti Textile Center at the Met.

Bejamin Franklin at Versailles

Benjamin Franklin was a frequent visitor to Versailles.... On closer look, the plain Quaker suit was made of the most expensive wool and velvet available....