History of Toile at the St Louis Art Museum

The history of toile will be focus of summer exhibition at Saint Louis Art Museum.

"Vive La Toile!" In ID Boston Magazine

We are delighted to share Chessie Breen's wonderful article on the Toile de Jouy International Foundation appearing in the prestigious ID Boston Magazine to coincide with the arrival of Madame Oberkampf's dress to the Metropolitan Museum for the "Visitors To Versailles" exhibition April 19-July 29, 2018.

Schumacher lists Mme O's dress among its favorite things!

The Toile de Jouy International Foundation was charmed by textile designer and manufacturer FG Schumacher's description of Mrs O's gown.  Much like Oberkampf's Toile de Jouy manufactory, Schumacher is a family-owned business that charishes and perpetuates the highest level of design and craftsman ship.....

Modern Luxury Magazine spots Mme O's dress!

The Toile de Jouy International Foundation was thrilled that Modern Luxury Magazine - Manhattan edition - spotted Madame Oberkampf's dress as a highlight of the "Visitors to Versailles" exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum.

Mme Oberkampf Comes To America

Thanks to funding from the Ruth Stanton Foundation, The Toile de Jouy International Foundation was able to underwrite the cost of bringing Madame Oberkamp's court dress from The Kyoto Fashion Institute to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for the "Visitors to Versailles" exhibit, April 16- July 29, 2018.

For her presentation to Marie Antoinette, Madame Oberkampf wore a dress made from 30 yards of heavy satin cannele, hand embroidered with a meandering ribbon and ermine motif in 12 colors. Such a gown would cost over $300,000 in today's currency!


Read more about the "Timeless Attraction of Toile" as featured in Quintessence Lifestyle Blog.

Veranda Magazine - September 2017

We were thrilled that Veranda featured the Foundation in its special 30th anniversary issue!

Nantucket by Design

On August 2nd, 2017, the Foundation and Veranda Magazine jointly hosted a lunch at the former estate of Mrs. Paul Mellon (a great fan of Toile de Jouy!) for 23 leading interior designers attending “Nantucket by Design.”

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